How do I know my nail sizes?
You can refer to our Sizing Chart.
How long do the nails last?
It depends on both prep of natural nails and daily use while nails are applied. With nail adhesive tabs you can wear 1-3 days. With glue you can wear 1-3 weeks.
Are the nails reusable?
Yes. We suggest purchasing one of our Nail Quartz Sanding Sticks or an e-file to lightly buff away any glue build up. By using nail tabs you will only have to remove tab after each use.
Whats included with my set?
Each set includes 10 reusable nails, application and removal instructions, and prep kit(s) (sample of our cuticle gloss, alcohol wipes, nail file, buffer, adhesive glue tabs, and glue). One prep is included for every two sets in order. From time to time we do throw in additional freebies.
Do you offer wholesale?
Not currently, but we are in the works of adding this option.